Nordnes strolls 

by Marina Etchegoyhen & Lucila Mayol

Mapping walks with the community

Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, NO, 2021


Online experience

Photo credits: Hordaland Kunstsenter

Nordnes Strolls was commisioned by Hordaland Kunstsenter as part of Translating Togetherness curated by Daniela Ramos Arias.

Divided in four walks: #1 Speculation, about history and interpretation, #2 Murmur, about sound and listening, #3 Break, about free time and entertainment, #4 Bonus Track, presentation of a fanzine publication with a map of the three walks and sharing the experience around a fire.

Deriva Finlandia

by Marina Etchegoyhen, Pedro Riva & Lucila Mayol

Mapping walks with the community
Nordic Art School & NOVIA, Kokkola & Jakobstad, FI, 2016

Deriva Finlandia was commissioned by Nordic Art School and NOVIA. We devised a mapping with participants from Kokkola and Jakobstad, we would share each town's jewels with the participants from the other town, and vice versa. The walks centered around favorite and weird places which had a particular relation to each participant. Exploring the territory and rewriting the stories of the places through the interaction with the location and between them.